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Better than 80% Success Rate...

In 3 Days you could be Quitting Smoking and Vaping!


'Carol is endorsed by the medical and recovery communities as well as by celebrities'
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3 Free Video Sessions on the best way to Stop Smoking or Vaping and why

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- Henry Winkler

Carol Williard saved my life. Since November of 1983, I have been cigarette free because of her strength, knowledge, and warmth.

I am pleased to say that through the help of Carol Williard and her program for stopping smoking called “New Choice”, I have not had a cigarette since the 21st of January 1991.

- Ringo Starr

Thank you for not letting my life go up in smoke!  I love you forever and wish you and your family only “Happy Days”.  (Still choosing not to smoke.)

- Garry Marshall

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I am an ex-smoker.  I tried eight times to stop smoking with a variety of approaches before I was finally successful. I continued to smoke even while I had pneumonia.  Because my behavior was so out of sync with my own values, I assumed I was a hopeless case.  But quite by chance, I found an approach that finally made sense, and gave me insight about all of my past failed attempts to stop.   In fact, I learned these past programs only served to sabotage my success! 

In one way or another, I have always been a teacher.  Not long after I stopped I  discovered my passion was teaching others how to stop, and I have helped hundreds.  Along the way I completed a training in the field of alcohol and drug addiction at UCLA. In addition to my teaching and counseling experience in the field of addiction, I pursued my own study of the smoking addiction, and explored various, therapeutic teaching methods.  I created my own uniquely effective program in Los Angeles and developed my practice.


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"Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it. Begin it now." 


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