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Stopping nicotine puts your life in order


Addiction to Nicotine

Choose a Smokefree Life offers a revolutionary approach that begins with education about the nature of addiction, how it affects the brain, and how to break free without drugs, replacements, weight gain, or misery. We present our courses in video format to fit into your busy schedule or on live Zoom for those who prefer a live interaction with the instructor. 

The Two Stages of Achieving a Smokefree Life

Stage 1

A five-day course to help you break free from smoking

We take you on a five-day journey to help you get free from your nicotine dependency.  Days 1 and 2 are focused on growing your awareness of your addictive behavior so you have the tools and skills needed to break free. On day 3 it will be your choice to quit backed up by a commitment. On days 4 and 5 you allow yourself to walk through the process of weaning off nicotine by using the skills you have acquired.  By day 5, your body will be mostly free from nicotine.  

Stage 2

90 Days of Follow-Up after you stop

While most of the nicotine in the body is gone by the end of day 5 research tells us it takes 90 days for the brain dependency to catch up.  We therefore offer ongoing support by phone, email, and a private, online support group to ensure your motivation to stay the course and re-train the brain pathways.  Those who take both stages have a greater than 80% success rate.

Happy Family

What Sets Us Apart?

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