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"Why is stopping smoking or vaping so hard?"

If you are like me, I thought that stopping smoking was impossible. Everything out there was telling me to find a way to get away from the discomfort of stopping. I tried and tried, but the need for a cigarette always won over the consequences of smoking.

So like me, you found it so hard because you have not been encouraged, nor have you wanted to confront the depth of your need for nicotine. You have not recognized the meaning you have given to your cigarettes or e-cigarette, how they have become your best friend, never being caught going without them.

What you are up against is your own dependency on nicotine. I know you are a good person, but nevertheless when it comes to cigarettes you are an addict. Thankfully it is a socially acceptable addiction, not like alcohol or drugs, but the fact is, you are hooked! I can help you find a way to reach beyond your self-judgement to that part of you that, like a baby, wants immediate gratification and will not take “no” for an answer without throwing a fit or feeling deeply deprived. I am here to help that inner baby grow up so that she can thrive and be free. Like a child, you need guidance, direction and nurturing. You need someone who will speak to that need deep within you that would throw your life away for a smoke!

Do you know anyone else who does this? If so, my hats off to them and you. But if you need someone who “gets you”, someone to help you wade through these unknown waters, then you owe it to yourself to reach out and try your best. That is all that is ever needed. You will learn so much about yourself as you take it step-by-step to get free.

If you think you don't have what it takes to stop, let me assure you that you can’t be too stupid to get this program, or too addicted, or too hopeless. But you can be too smart! So if you are one of the smart ones, I encourage you to take the actions I will suggest, even if and when you think they are ridiculous, and I promise that if you do, it will work and you will become smokefree for life. You too deserve a lifetime of freedom. You and that little baby inside of you need some compassion, support and love.

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