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When is the best time to stop?

The best time to stop smoking or vaping was the year you picked up. The second best time is now! There really is no better time in your life than right now, no matter what time of the year it is or what stage of life you happen to be in. I have worked with folks who smoked and vaped from 3 years to 68 years. It is all the same process. And for some it is easier than others. But now was the best time to stop for all of them.

Why is now the best time to stop? Because addictions never get better by themselves. They only get worse. Think about what that means to your health. Think about what that does to your thought process. When you are hooked on something, that something becomes your best solution for everything. When I was given the ultimatum that I needed to go to the hospital for my pneumonia or go home and promise I would stop smoking, I had to go to the cafeteria and have a coffee and a cigarette to think about what I was going to do! Right now nicotine is the center of your life too. Everything revolves around making sure you have an ample supply and will not run out at an inconvient time. That is simply how you roll!

I used to think that there were good times and there were bad times for people to stop when I was planning my business schedule. I thought surely no one wants to stop over the holidays! That is the time people want to be with their families and they don’t want to be within the first few weeks of stopping. I believed that until I met a couple who wanted to stop during their holiday break. They saw the holiday break as the perfect time to focus on their problem, away from the pressures of work. So the holidays, before the "new years resolution" time, have been some of my busiest times to teach. Go figure! You can’t never always sometimes tell!

So if during the time of a pandemic, when your immune system is already compromised, is not the best time to stop, then when is? Don’t you at least owe it to yourself to find out about an approach that can work for you that is virtually risk free and guaranteed to work if you follow the step-by-step instructions? You don’t dare look into it for fear that you can’t do it, or because you like it too much. What is that inaction costing you? For the mere relief from discomfort that causes you to take the next hit, is it worth your health, freedom and life? Take a leap of faith!

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