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What is an Open Mind?

I tried so many times to stop smoking (eight formal times with programs and countless times on my own) that it would drive me crazy when the course teachers would say, “Keep an open mind.” I HAD kept an open mind, and had it helped me?! So it is not surprising that at my last attempt (that has stuck for decades!) I walked into the first session with arms crossed and a smirk on my face thinking, “What can anyone teach me that I have not already tried?”

What was different this time? Was it just me? I think not. This last time the teacher was talking about smoking from the perspective that I had an addiction, not merely a “bad habit”, and that everything I had been taught about my “bad habit” from past courses and products would be turned on its head.

So most likely this will be a radical approach to getting free from nicotine. Most likely you will be taught things you have not tried before. And most likely, you are like me, the “bottom of the barrel” type of smoker or vaper who has aready tried everything else. But, I promise you, this approach is going to bring something new to you, and it will not produce the same tired and useless results that have brought you here. So, I invite you to keep an open mind, and throw over your shoulder everything you think you already know. Just be willing to consider the possibility that there might be another way to approach this that you have been looking past, and that you can set aside some fixed beliefs in exchange for some new positive ones. It's just the quaity of your life that depends on it.

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