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What Every Smoker/Vaper Wants, and Really Wants! Part 5

This is the last of my series on What Every Smoker/Vaper Wants, and Really Wants Part 5

Let’s review what smokers and vapers want:

Part 1: They want the relief that nicotine gives and they want to be left alone about it!

Part 2: They want to be rescued from the discomfort of stopping, so they look for another quick fix to take it away, just like the cigarette did!

Part 3: They want to be rescued for a different reason: they want our choice taken away from them. They want to be locked up! Or, they want to negotiate our all or nothing choice so that they will be restored to being able to smoke only when they really want to. (The problem is that they really want to smoke all the time and it is impossible for them to control that!)

Part 4:For a moment we set aside their struggle with stopping and focus on the benefits all smokers want and long for:

  • lasting freedom from the need for nicotine

  • being out from under its control

  • having to smoke when it call us to do so

  • health and freedom from the fear of what our smoking is doing to our bodies

  • self-esteem that comes from having overcome our most difficult challenge.

In this last section I want to talk about what else smokers really want – a clear path to stopping. Most smokers and vapers have already tried all the paths that promise to rescue them from their problem but have failed. It is the absence of being able to see a clear path that keeps smokers and vapers in place, keeps them from trying again. But what if I could show a clear path without magic and tricks? What if I showed how and where the power smoker and vapers are looking for comes from? What if I could provide evidence that this approach has worked for thousands of people before? Would it prompt further investigation?

In a word, what every smoker wants is HOPE! They want their faith in themselves to be restored. They want to be able to believe it is possible. I am a living example that this approach works, and what I once believed was impossible was made possible. Let me share the clear, concrete path how to do this once and for all.

If any of what I have shared in this series resonates with you, register yourself for my free series “The Best Way to Get Off Nicotine” starting April 19,20,21 at noon CT, 1PM ET and 10AM PT. Messenger me, go to and give me your name and email, or call 512-758-1910 for a free half hour consultation.

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