• Carol Williard

What Every Smoker/Vaper Wants, and Really Wants Part 4 of a Series

Every smoker or vaper wants essentially the same thing that nicotine delivers; they want to feel in control if and when they are stopping. Yhey want the result of having stopped with none of the discomfort. They want something for nothing essentially. They want a miracle.

Lets set all of that aside for now. What every smoker wants underneath all of the angst of stopping is to be free from nicotine. They want to be on the other side of it, to not be controlled by their need for it. It is very much like a bad relationship. You can’t live with it and you sure can’t live without it! Smokers want to be out from under having to smoke. When nicotine calls, evey smoker listens! They want the monkey off their backs.

Every smoker wants the health they know they are forfeiting for the sake of being hooked. They want to be able to breathe without hurting. They want the stamina they no longer have. They want to be able to walk up a flight of steps and not be winded. They want to be free of the underlying fear of what they are doing to their own bodies. They want more energy and vitality. They want life!

Most of all they want the self-esteem of accomplishing this most difficult challenge. “If only I could...” They want the bounce in their step that I observe in my clients who have put off stopping for 30 ,40, and 50+ years. Now THAT is an accomplishment!

If any of this resonates with you, I invite you to subscribe here, come to my free Series each month on "The Best Way to Get Off Nicotine", or call me for a free half hour consultation at 512-758-1910. You can do it! You too deserve a life of freedom!

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