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What Every Smoker/Vaper Wants, and Really Wants! Part 1 of a Series

Everyone who has a dependency on Almighty Nicotine, wants the relief it brings. That is why they smoke or vape, because they can’t be happy when they go without it . That’s why they do it. They are hooked. They just can't stop chasing after it. In fact, nicotine relief comes before everything: their health, loved ones, daily schedule, work and play, and even life itself! As every area of their lives is centered around satisfying their need for it, they endow nicotine with meaning: “its my best friend”, “it relaxes me”, “it makes me more effective at life”, etc.

They know nicotine is bad for them. Yet, they can’t seem to go without and not feel miserable. So they keep on, quietly worried about what its doing to their health, and lungs especially. They believe cigarettes are worse for one’s health than vapes, but most vapers do not know they get as much nicotine from a cartridge as a pack of cigarettes. And they don't know that nicotine is a poison, and the dylactil, (as well as other substances in the solution that carries the nicotine), are also known carcinogens. They do not know there is no “healthy” form of nicotine.

Yet, almost 70% of smokers and vapers want to quit. So why don’t they? Are all these people weak willed? Are they merely indulgent and selfish? Are they unaware of the dangers to their health? Is it a matter of character, or is it something else that keeps them in place?

The fact is, most have already tried to stop and failed, only to be truly bewildered by their situation. They simply do not know how to do it without feeling miserable. They are convinced that the “cure” will be worse than the problem. And besides, they are ambivalent about stopping. They want to quit because they no longer want the consequences, but they like the rush that nicotine gives them. So above all, they just want to be left alone!

If this resonates, I suggest you check out and subscribe to my weekly email messages. Being an ex-smoker, I know what being a smoker is like from the inside out. Come follow me.

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