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Wanna Bet?

If you think you have your smoking or vaping under control, then I challenge you to just go for 90 days without one single hit. If you can go that long without nicotine in any form (that includes a patch or nicotine gum), then you will prove to yourself that you can control it. My hat will be off to you!

So go ahead please, and accept my challenge, but I bet you can’t do it. Why? Because there is no controlling an addiction. It is not a matter of control. It is a matter of surrender! But the appeal of vapes is the dressed up, pretty lie that you are controlling your dependency, and that makes you feel better about yourself.

Now, if you really want to feel better in a lasting way, then total abstinence for 90 days will be a keystone to your freedom. You will see how much better you feel, having greater stamina, better lung capacity, and your mouth and throat will thank you as time goes on. Your sense of taste will improve. And you will no longer be tied to your vape and the need to keep buying cartridges, and no more leaky ones! And if you pick up after all of that, then you will have forfeited all the benefits to your life for a lifetime of emprisonment. So, my Friend, whether you continue to vape or acccept my challenge, I sincerely wish you good luck!

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