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"Vaping is so much better for you!"

I see on social media groups of vapers who are congratulating each other that they stopped smoking cigarettes and are now vaping instead because vaping is “so much better for you!” Okay, so you transfer cigarettes containing many known carcinogens for e-cigarettes which supposedly have fewer bad substances. But do you know e-cigarettes have ultrafine particles in the flavorants such as dilacetyl, which is linked to serious lung disease, volitile organic compounds, cancer causing chemicals and heavy metals including nickel, tin and lead? My Friend, haven’t you heard of recent outbreaks of lung injury associated with e-cigarettes, especially with young people? In a matter of just days vaping changes the DNA of one’s mouth. Is that so much better for you?

Merely transferring ones dependency from one form of nicotine delivery to another is just as harmful and, as important, you haven’t changed your addictive behavior! It's a shell game. Frankly, you are deluding yourself if you think you are not hooked, or that you are doing something that is “good for you”. Denial is where you are living, and that ain’t located close to a river in Egypt! Nicotine is nicotine is nicotine. Pure nicotine is poison. One drop can kill a person weighing 140 lbs, and research has shown it is highly addictive, like cocaine. So, are vapes really a better choice for our young? Or are they more pernicious in that they merely appear to be “pure”?

Right now, vaping seems to be working for you. Besides, those flavors satisfy like nothing else. But that is the very nature of how your dependency shows up. That need will never decrease on its own. It only gets worse over time. You are still hooked!

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