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Unexpected Benefits

I recently had a conversation with one of my clients who told me that she found herself so delighted when she was asked by her doctor if she smoked, she was finally able to say “No” truthfully. She confessed she had been lying all these years since she was a “closet smoker.”

She even told me about one time when her adult kids spontaneously called to say they would like to drop by that she scrambled to clean and hide the ashtrays, brush her teeth, gargle mouthwash, and change her clothes to be sure there was no trace of smoke. Those are the kinds of things we do as smokers. Yikes! Its so nice to be able to finally come clean!

You will find yourself having compassion for smokers in airports who are racing from long flights to get outside to smoke, people shivering outside of buildings puffing on cigarettes, movie goers hurriedly exiting to light up – all those who have to smoke. You can see their enslavement to nicotine with the awareness that “there by the Grace of God, go I. Wow, I don’t have to do that anymore!”

Suddenly you are grateful for small things you had not previously thought of. And you find other benefits that had never occurred to you, like finding that you no longer fear running out of cigarettes, having more money in your pocket for things like a new outfit, or even a pretty nice vacation, or the fact that it doesn’t even occur to you to have a cigarette or take a hit off your vape! “Wow! The fact that I am not pushed around by a need for nicotine any longer! Now, that is a miracle!

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