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Transformation, Really?

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

I heard today that transformation happens as the result of either deep suffering or deep love. That is essentially what is involved in surrendering one’s addiction and getting free so that a new life can emerge out of the wasteland of despair and hopelessness. Nobody let’s go of an addiction waking up in a joyful state saying, “Hey, I sure would like to stop smoking today!” Instead, we wake up with sore lungs with a raspy voice saying, “Ugh, I have to quit killing myself with these darn cigarettes!” And yet, we don’t, because we don’t really know how to quit for good, having tried and failed so many times before. We suspect there really isn’t anything out there that can help us. We don’t even want to admit to ourselves how far gone we feel, wondering if it is even possible. “It might be for other people, but I just can’t make it.” That is our best conclusion.

We live in that hopeless suffering because we cannot see our way out of it. We think we are failures, having failed by methods that in fact, have failed us. We think we must take away our choices and thereby feel trapped by having to quit. We approach stopping as something dear to us will be taken away. We feel like victims, missing our best friends. And we are quite certain that we will feel miserable, and the discomfort will be unbearable if we attempt to stop again. So, we approach stopping like we are going towards a guillotine death. No wonder we stay smoking!

What most people don’t realize is they haven’t yet found a method that is smart, doable, and effective, without magic and hype. I found such a grounded sensible method. I am a living example that stopping does not need to be the above outlined miserable and hopeless experience. I am a thoroughly happy ex- (two and ½ pack a day) smoker who has enjoyed a life of freedom without feeling trapped or negative, and without having gained weight. I have staked my life on it. I never thought it was possible to enjoy the freedom I have today.

If you feel hopeless about your vaping or smoking, call me and I will book a free half-hour Zoom session with you to outline how this approach works. No pressure and no obligation. You too deserve to be transformed. This time it can be through great love, and we will leave behind the great suffering!

Meet Mac: Most of my clients have smoked a minimum of 30 years, but recently I helped my first adolescent with permission from his mom. This is what he has to say:


As a 17 year-old quitting vaping was one of the hardest, if not the hardest thing I have ever had to do. However, it has proven to be one of my biggest accomplishments up to this point in my life. I was skeptical and scared when I started but had tried every way I knew how to quit and was out of options. Nothing had worked. After reading about this program, I chose to give it a try. I did what was asked of me and had faith that it would work. Now, nearly five months later, I feel better mentally and physically. Quitting vaping was the first steppingstone to taking control of my life. Not only have I developed a sense of pride for stopping, but my self-confidence has improved tremendously in almost every aspect of my life. As a vaper I was given a life, and now I have the ability to choose the life I want to live. Thank you, Carol.

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