• Carol Williard

Tolerance of Nicotine and What it Leads to...

So what is “tolerance”? As we become tolerant of a particular substance we need to take more and more of that substance in order to feel normal. Tolerance over time increases.

So when it comes to nicotine, it’s a pod a day, a pack a day, and even more as time goes on. That means it takes at least a pod or a pack a day in order to feel okay.

When stopping smoking most products or methods suggest substitution as the way to get off vapes or cigarettes. But that is merely a shell game. Why?

Just like with cigarettes, substitution of nicotine in another form means your body is not getting off nicotine at all. And substitutions of other substances such as candy, soda, celery, carrots, chocolates, gum – means that the new substance in taking the place of the cigarette. It means the dependence on the nicotine is being transferred into the need for the new substance. And just as one had a tolerance of nicotine, one now develops a tolerance of the new substance in order to feel normal. But the dependency remains. In fact, it is being deliberately developed.

The only way out from this dependence on nicotine is through complete abstinence. I know that sounds unattractive, but there is a way to go through the initial discomfort where you will not be jumping out of your skin. Message me to find out how.

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