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Stopping is quite simple!

In order to truly stop smoking once and for all, the nicotine addict must recognize that the problem is not the physiological craving, but the psychological dependency, the way we see see nicotine as the rescuer from our own discomfort. Addicts are seeking relief above all else. And all the messages we get about smoking and vaping tell us to do our best to avoid the discomfort from withdrawing all all cost. So smokers and vapers resist it and it becomes even worse. But stoppping is not as complicated as it sounds.

In simple terms, smokers need to come to terms with their need for nicotine. The problem is not that they want to smoke or vape. The real problem is that they don’t want to want to smoke. They resist their desires, thinking they need to hide their desires from themselves for fear they will do it. And they haven’t been taught how to reframe their desires to smoke as being part of the solution, not the problem. After all, smokers who are stopping want to smoke! That is what getting off nicotine is all about. If they are experiencing their desires for nicotine, it means it is working, it means they are getting free. So what is there to work on? It is not about finding ways to get rid of their desires but instead, to work on their own ability to welcome the experience and recognize the value of temporary discomfort for the permanent benefits. The way to heal the longing for nicotine is to befriend that longing, to see the longing as something to be valued. After all, it’s the path to freedom!

If this makes sense to you I invite you to find out a way to get free permanently by embracing the process rather than run from it. I don’t know anyone who has died from having a desire to smoke. But there is plenty of evidence that smoking kills. You owe it to yourself to have a life of freedom. Call me to find out how!

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