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Smoking and Vaping Under Control?

If you think you have your vaping or smoking under control, then I challenge you to just go for 90 days without one single hit or puff of nicotine. If you can go that long without nicotine in any form, then you will prove to yourself that you can control it. My hat will be off to you. I used to prove to myself I could control it for six hours at a time. The only problem with that was, if I stopped at noon all I could think about was how soon I could smoke again. I was obsessed about it. So at 5:59 I had the cigarette poised to light that sucker up when the clock struck 6:00! Was I contolling it? Or was it controlling me?

The truth is that we try every which way to bargain and control our use so that we can keep on doing it. There is no peace in that. We invent a thousand different ways to keep smoking or vaping because we are convinced that life is not worth living without our “reward”. But there is no reward in having to smoke. The rewards you are chasing are temporary fixes because every day you are withdrawing from nicotine between hits and each cigarette. That is why you light up, to end the discomfort from going without. You have surrendered your freedom for that. Is it worth it?

Don’t you really want to get out from under it? Aren’t you sick and tired of generuosly donating your money and health to the cigarette or e-cigarette manufacturers? If you sincerely want to get out of the rat race, chasing after nicotine day in and day out, then let me help you walk through the process without misery and weight gain. Nobody I have ever helped stop would trade places with the life you are now living. It is possible. Thousands of us are are living proof. Call me to book a free, half hour sesson on Zoom and I will tell you how the Choose a Smokefree Life Program works. No pressure! You owe it to yourself to find out about a way out...

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