• Carol Williard

Smoker's and Vaper's Dilemma: Wanting to Smoke and Wanting to Stop

What is the way out of this dilemma? What if, rather than making your desires to smoke your enemy, you made them your friend? What if you learned to take a positive attitude towards your desires to smoke? (I know this sounds crazy, and I assure you, I am not a masochist!) But since withdrawal is inevitable, what if, instead of seeing the process as being bad and wrong, you chose to see it as being good and right? What if you actually made friends with the discomfort, actually dared to explore it and expanded your willingness to be with it? That way, you would not be trying to avoid it, but rather, going through it with your eyes wide open. I know you fear you will be swallowed up by it. But I promise you, not only is it survivable, it is actually a paper tiger. You will learn to say “yes” to the discomfort. You will actually learn to welcome the experience of withdrawal. Why? Because it is your ticket to freedom! And when you welcome it, it lessons in intensity and duration through your experiencing it! If what you resist, persists, then what you welcome, absorbs!

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