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Smell the Roses!

Hi Folks!

I hope this Spring is greeting you with fresh ideas and budding progress. These roses are collected from the bushes in my back yard to share their brief beauty with you!

Here is a link to my new Choose a Smokefree Life Foundational Video. It is the foundational video that I am freely offering to folks who visit my new website to get an idea of how this approach works. If you don’t know about this approach, I invite you to check it out.

On the other hand, if you are a vaper or love a vaper, here is the link to my Choose a Vapefree Life Foundational Video that will be found on my Choose a Vapefree Life website.

I am also including the link to the landing page of my course. It also offers information about this approach and has a FAQs page that gives in-depth answers.

Some of us, fortunately, are not plagued, or are no longer plagued, with an addiction to a particular substance, and are spared the effort to recover from what renders us powerless. Let’s count our blessings! But most of us suffer, one way or the other, from various forms of unhealthy dependencies and unfounded fears. Mine are refined sugar, and my list of fears is too long and too embarrassing to put here! When it comes down to it, we are all seeking to free ourselves from the bondage of our own self-imposed prisons.

Don’t forget to smell the roses!



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