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Save The Date!

February 15th at 10:30am CST

Be there for a Live and Virtual Event at the Lake Travis Community Library where I will be speaking about my recently published book, "Nicotine Free! How to Choose a Smokefree Life"

  • If you smoke or vape, you may want to learn about what it is to be addicted to nicotine, and why it has been so hard for you to stay off.

  • If you are an ex-smoker you may want to reminisce about a problem you no longer have!

  • If you know or love someone who smokes or vapes, this talk may provide you some insight and compassion for how they are hooked and why they just can't say "no."

In case you didn't know, I have a better than 80% success rate and my last 10 clients are all NOT smoking today. If you are thinking about stopping, watch out...because my question is, "Are you sure you want to stop, or are you just flirting with it?" :)

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