• Carol Williard

Out of Sync

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Many years ago I had some degree of accomplishment as an actress. I was gainfully employed and was climbing the ladder of success. Contrary to what many people believe about actors, it is a very disciplined life, and that discipline is critical when working. So there I was, receiving recognition for my work, working hard in the thick of it, and yet, I was smoking! I hated the disparity between what I wanted to be able to do, that is, quit smoking, and my over two pack a day habit. I was so disgusted with myself in that regard.

So If your behavior is out of sync with your values, and you do not believe you can ever be free of nicotine, then I invite you to try this approach. What do you have to loose but a fraction of the money you spend to support your addiction and your time? Applying yourself to this approach will be time well spent, and it very likely will lead you to saving your own life!

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