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October Newsletter

No busy person is going to read this newsletter and pursue my blogs unless they are someone who, although successful in their career and life, has already known the quiet moments of feeling lost and hopeless regarding their nicotine addiction, and has seriously pondered whether they will go to their grave not having found a way out from being enslaved by it. Because this was my experience and because that experience let to the development of this program, only those who have had a similar experience and have been goaded by the same unfathomable question of how to escape that fate will be interested in reading further to discover what I found and how I finally got free from nicotine, once and for all.

The hard, cold facts are that approximately 7 million people die each year worldwide due to nicotine addiction whether through smoking or vaping. Almost 70% of them truly want to quit, have tried and failed and simply don’t know how to stay off. It is my hope to help you not be a part of these statistics.

I learned how to do this by people who were the successful exceptions. They helped me walk through a simple process, and showed me how not to complicate it with my old thinking. So I learned to do what they did, and low and behold, I succeeded too!

I am very aware that I cannot make you do anything. But I can help you find an inner resource that will sustain and guide you. Don’t worry, I am not going to get religious on you! But, you have been looking past what is right in front of you as the solution. The miracle you are seeking will come from taking new action that is concrete and simple. Get ready to blow your own mind!

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