• Carol Williard

Nothing More Important!

Stopping smoking is the single most important action a person can take to improve the quality of his/her life. Now especially, during the time of the pandemic, you do not want to be doing anything that would compromise your lungs and immune system. Yet, if you smoke or vape, you already have sub-standard of health that directly impacts your lungs, throat, mouth, sinuses, circulatory syetem, skin, and every organ of your body. I was told by a doctor that when they open up a smoker’s body for surgery, every organ is grey! That is the effect of nicotine.

Ask yourself, “Can this be good? Is this the best thing I can be doing for myself to keep on smoking or vaping?” Then what are you waiting for? The right time? The best time to stop smoking or vaping was twenty years ago or more. But today is the best time. Right now. No more putting it off. Now is the very best time.

At Choose a Smokefree Life we are dedicated to helping smokers and vapers become free, and to restoring a balanced life. All it takes is some willingness, the right support, and the right tools. I invite you to let me teach you how. Visit Choose a Smokefree Life on Facebook.

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