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My book is catching on!

Updated: Mar 20, 2022

Hey Folks,

I am so excited that I am getting invitations to speak around town about my recently published book. “Nicotine Free! How to Choose a Smokefree Life.” I want to thank those of you who took the time to come to the Lake Travis Community Library event. There was a great discussion around the book and how these principles can be applied elsewhere. And the library has now my book on their shelf!

Did you know the book is also available in Kindle form? I will be running a promotional discount on the Kindle version, full-priced at $16.99 but will be discounted from March 1st until March 8th for $10.99. If you purchase the Kindle version between those dates, you will benefit by the discount.

What would be extremely helpful to me after you read the Kindle version is for you to write a review. Amazon likes book reviews by those who purchase. So far, the reviews have been great, and I am aiming to get on Amazon’s ‘Best Seller” list. To make it super easy, here are some ways to go about it.

You can go to: to find out how to do this if you get stuck. It is probably easiest if you pre-write a review and then copy and paste.

You can just go to Amazon and enter “Nicotine Free! How to Choose a Smokefree Life”. Then once on the page you scroll to the bottom where it says Customer Reviews. Click below to give a Customer Review, then begin by giving it a Rating of a number of Stars, click on and give a Title, like “A helpful book!” or something like that if you liked it. Then you might want to copy and paste your prewritten review or write it then and there. While doing so, it apparently helps if you use the keywords of the title in the copy of your message. After that there a label you click “yes” to and a “no” to not receive emails from Amazon. Then you need to click on Preview and once you preview your message, click on Publish. Voila!

Thank you in advance for your trouble. And please know that your support has meant so much to me. You are appreciated!



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