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March Newsletter: The Choose a Smokefree Life Video Course is Launched!

Updated: Apr 10, 2023

Here is a screen shot of the landing page that tells you about the approach and my background, and it will lead you to the video course if interested. You can check it out here:

Question for smokers and vapers to ponder: How do you recover from your dependency on nicotine, if you keep taking nicotine in another form? Where is the recovery in that?

I know the appeal of Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). It appears you can get rid of your problem by replacing the nicotine in your body until the urges “blow over.” The problem with that theory is that you are still getting nicotine. And when you stop the nicotine replacement, guess what happens? The need for nicotine is still there. And all the while you have’nt learned how to deal with the urges. You have not developed any skills for dealing with them. So, you most likely will return to smoking or vaping because you don’t know how to cope with the discomfort that you have been trained to block out and run from.

If you want a permanent solution, it’s an inside job. It’s not the horrible experience you fear when you learn how. Let me teach you how in a free half-hour meeting. 512-758-1910.

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