• Carol Williard

Make a List, Check it Twice

Make a list

Check it twice

Have you been naughty?

Or Have you been nice?

Well, in today's world what is “naughty” and “nice”?

If you are a smoker you will not think twice!

You know that its bad but, but you keep throwin' the dice

When your body says, “Gimmie" and your health pays the price…

So what do you do to even the score

When your mind says “Stop” but your body shouts “More!? ”

Come listen to me and I’ll give you the score

On the problem you face and the path to explore

I only get bad ones, the ones without hope

But I promise you freedom on this step-by-step slope

Get the gift of new life without nicotine dope.

Give it a try... I’ll throw you a rope!

Merry Christmas! May the joys and peace of the season be with you.

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