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January Newsletter

Hey Folks, Happy New Year! I am wishing you and yours continued health, prosperity and happiness in 2022. I sincerely wish for your continued vigilance and safety precautions to stay free from the spread of Corona Virus strains.

I have great news to share. My book was published yesterday by Amazon Publishing and it is actually for sale. Woohooo! It is a big deal for me as I have been focused on the writing of it since August, and now it is finally complete. You can check out the first 20 pages by searching the title and my name, and then clicking on the cover. Or you can click on this link here. It is called “Nicotine Free, How to Choose a Smokefree Life.” Your feedback is welcome.

It’s cool to be able say with credibility that I am a published author, but I know that I really didn’t write this book. God did. I just showed up and let it flow out of me. I have been helping people stop smoking off and on since 1979, so I had some experience, strength and hope to draw from. But what is truly thrilling to me is the possibility that I might be able to help more people find a way out of the trap of nicotine. That is the whole purpose of these efforts, and I am so grateful to be an instrument. I just did the footwork, the rest is up to God.

Now, onto marketing it. I have hired Amazon to help me with the marketing for the next six months and I am sure it will be a new adventure as I need this type of support.

Here is a modified version of what is on the back cover: I modified it for the purpose of this newsletter. Please let me hear from you, and let me know how you are doing. I would love to catch up. All best wishes in 2022!

What if there was a fool-proof way to get off nicotine once and for all? What if there truly was a method that put an end to the misery of trying to get free from nicotine only to fall back again under its vice that every smoker and vaper knows? Choose a Smokefree Life offers such a method, and it is provided in the pages of my newly released book, “Nicotine Free” that is sold on Amazon. This simple how-to book is meant to be interactive so that the person hooked on nicotine takes concrete steps to reclaim his/her freedom.

Having stopped myself by the same methods, I was finally successful after having tried countless times before. Much of the 5-day Choose a Smokefree Life program is contrary to “conventional wisdom”. But once the reader understands the reasoning behind this approach, it makes sense and sheds light on why past attempts had failed. I walk alongside the reader offering concrete, techniques while they go through the 5-day process of stopping. The reader will then be given options for ongoing follow-up support in addition to what the book provides.

I have a better than 80% success rate and I am endorsed by the medical and recovery communities as well as by celebrities and regular folk like you and me. If you have tried and failed to get off nicotine in the past and failed, you haven’t tried this!

Carol Williard


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