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The Vaping Crisis

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

Everybody is talking about the problem of vaping. This crisis as an opportunity to raise awareness and to begin to seek alternatives.

Most people think the way to stop an addiction is by transferring one’s dependency on nicotine to another substance, from nicotine to caffeine, sugar, salt, soda, or an extra helping of whatever, in the hopes that the urge to smoke will soon “blow over”. But that will not happen! You cannot get rid of your dependency on nicotine by merely transferring it to another substance, like for example, sweets. If you do that you will end up “vaping” sweets just like you vaped nicotine. Eventually you will go back to vaping, ending up as one disgusted, fat vaper! The way out of experiencing discomfort is by going through it and not fighting it.

You see, no product, substance, or person is going to rescue you from your urges. For those of you who have already tried and failed at getting rid of your urges, join the club! I propose to you that the misery you are seeking to escape is a paper tiger. I will teach you how not to fight your urges and how not to feel sorry for yourself. Stopping smoking through this method is actually a positive experience. No kidding!

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