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If You Love a Smoker or Vape...

This newsletter is designed for parents, lovers, friends, siblings, sons and daughters, relatives, neighbors, and co-workers – all those who care for a smoker or vaper and fear the consequences of their behavior. How do we get them to quit?

I understand the nicotine problem your loved one faces and how hard it is to quit even though it is costing their health, well-being, and self-esteem. You see, they are powerless over nicotine. And if it was easy to quit, they would. And, unfortunately, you are powerless over their choices. You cannot make them quit. If you could, you would.

So now what? Do you just give up, despairing their fate? Or do you become a nag and a scolder to the point they run away every time they see you because they already know what you are going to say? What is a sensible path to address the problem without damaging the relationship?

Many years ago, when I worked in the entertainment industry, I recall a conversation I had with Stacy Winkler, wife to Henry Winkler. She had heard that I helped Garry Marshall stop smoking and she knew Garry had a reputation for having tried everything to no avail. In fact, on one of his appearances on Johnny Carson’s show he shared about the many hilarious failed attempts at stopping. So, Stacy wanted me to help Henry, figuring if Garry could do it, why not Henry? But I wondered why Stacy was contacting me and not Henry. “Does Henry wan to quit?” I asked her. There was a pause. “Well, no. I don’t think so.” she admitted. “He just doesn’t believe there is anything out there that can truly make him stop.” Now, I paused. What do I say to the loved one when the person who needs help doesn’t want it? “What if Henry was willing to meet with me for half an hour so I can simply inform him how this approach works? I can explain what it will do, and what he will need to do. There will be no obligation on his part. I promise I will not pressure him to choose to work with me. I will simply lay out the information for him to choose. Do you think he might be willing to meet with me?”

Well, it turns out Henry had an ounce of willingness to meet with me. He discovered a new path that he had never considered before, the “secret sauce”. It caused him to stop and he has remained an ex-smoker for over thirty years. So what if you told your loved one about this person who could help them stop in just three days, is an ex-smoker herself having tried and failed to stop eight times before finding the key, has figured out why this approach works when others approaches and products haven’t, has a step-by-step program that is easy to follow and will give them the right amount of support to stay off? Would they be willing to meet me for half an hour with no obligation to stop? They can either book a session by going to or call me at 512-758-1910. It’s that simple.

And if they are not willing, just keep my number and pray on it. You can do nothing more. But stay hopeful!

To learn more about my course go to: Choose a Smokefree Life Course

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