• Carol Williard


I am grateful for…

  • The healing that has taken place in my body and being as the result of stopping smoking so many years ago

  • The life it has led me to with a purpose to help others

  • My healthy lungs and organs

  • Not having to smoke anymore

  • Having learned that I am not a victim, that I have a choice, and for having learned how to make a positive choice that has stuck

  • Having learned that the greatest obstacle to my success in life is not what is out there but within me, and how to surrender that

  • All the amazing people who have been brought into my life that I was able to help and support, and who have enriched my life beyond measure

  • Having learned to trust others to help me grow

  • My amazing partner, dearest friend, and lover who is my husband, and the adventurous life we share

  • Our brilliant grandchildren and their beloved parents of whom we are so delighted and proud!

  • My most wonderful family and friends around the world who enrich my life beyond measure

  • My abstenance from alcohol, refined sugar, white flour, and caffeine. I never knew I could feel so good without them!

  • This beautiful country we live in with all of it problems and diversity.

  • My faith in God

  • Hope itself in all that God has made

  • The challenges God has given me

  • Each breath

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