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Once vapers decide to quit nicotine most are astonished to discover it is not the “walk in the park” they assumed it would be. In fact, many teen vapers do not realize they are addicted to a lethal substance – nicotine. They mistakenly believe that since e-cigarettes do not contain the thousands of chemicals that are contained in cigarettes, that makes e-cigarettes somehow pure.


There in nothing pure about pure nicotine.  Nicotine is an insecticide that kills. One drop of it can kill a person weighing approximately 140 lbs.  In fact, the most popular brands of e-cigarettes produce more nicotine in one hit than in most cigarettes.  Unfortunately, although there are fewer carcinogens in vapes than in cigarettes, the research is finally catching up to show that E-cigarettes are just as pernicious as tobacco cigarettes. 


So how to quit e-cigarettes as opposed to tobacco cigarettes?  The same way!  No matter how you smoke or hit your device, getting free from nicotine is the same process no matter how you get your poison.  Whether or not you believe you are hooked, nicotine doesn’t care!  It is an equal opportunity destroyer. 


How much and how long you have been a nicotine addict will influence how entrenched you are in your beliefs about quitting.  I usually get clients who have been at it for many years, have tried all the methods to escape, suppress, or transfer their dependency from nicotine to something else, and have failed.  I get those who are truly hopeless, and I welcome them. Being in a state of hopelessness can bring about a willingness like nothing else.  It’s beautiful to see folks finally follow a new plan to save their own lives. A new form of astonishment takes place.  They can’t believe it they are really doing it, and they can’t believe it isn’t as hard as they once thought. 


Book a free half-hour session or call me.  It’s just the quality of the rest of your life at stake. 

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