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Happy Holidays! December Newsletter

“Choice, not chance, determines your destiny.”



Smokers and vapers don’t know how to choose not to smoke for good. If they did, they would have.  They are not bad people.  They are simply hooked, and they don’t know how to get free. 


They are convinced that without drugs or nicotine in another form they will have to put up a fight, and they are not prepared for that, so they postpone, and postpone, for months, years, decades even. 


Then they get sick and tired of putting it off and ruining their health, so they go for what appears to be he easier, softer way. They take a pill, strap on a patch, and hope for the best.  But the urges don’t go away so they become resigned to die a smoker, hoping it doesn’t get too bad too soon.


What kind of life is that!? 


There is hope.  Smokers do not have to suffer a life of enslavement. They do not need to forfeit their happiness, feel trapped into abstaining, or gain weight to get free.  I and my hundreds of happy clients are living proof that one can live a life entirely free from nicotine in all forms and still be happy. 


I offer half-hour free sessions to outline how this approach works.  It will cost less to stop than to keep on smoking. 70% of smokers and vapers want to stop, yet only 5% make it.  My success rate is 80%, measured after a year from the stop date. Join this statistical group. Be a winner!


Feel free to book a session on my new website:

You can find my past blogs there too. Happy Holidays, and may you enjoy a nicotine-free life in 2024!

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