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Gratitude, the Antidote to Addiction

One would think that the antidote to wanting an addictive substance such as nicotine would be a substitution. But in fact, the antidote is the gratitude one feels as the result of not being pushed around by the need for nicotine anymore. That is why November is the perfect month to celebrate abstinence from addiction to nicotine.

OK, I am late with my November message. But better late…

What do my clients tell me they are grateful for?

They say things like this:

I am grateful to be finally free, once and for all.

I am grateful that I don’t need to stop again.

I am grateful that I no longer am harming myself.

I am grateful to be able to walk up a flight of steps without being winded.

I am grateful I am no longer shame-filled about destroying my health.

I am grateful to not have the monkey on my back.

I am grateful to not have to smoke.

I am grateful to be living a balanced life again.

I am grateful to know the choice is mine now, that I accept my powerlessness and thereby, am free to make positive choices from now on.

I am grateful to learn how to use the tools from moment to moment, not forever, which puts me mentally in prison.

I am grateful to be able to play with my grandkids and know I am doing the best for my health and longevity.

I am grateful for the ongoing support. I had no idea how cunning this addiction can be.

I am grateful my lungs no longer hurt.

I am grateful I no longer smell like a cigarette.

I am grateful to know the truth about vaping and no longer have to do it.

I am grateful to know I don’t HAVE to quit, but I GET to quit.

I am grateful for this effective approach that I never would have thought could work.

If you want what they have, please feel free to contact me at my new website

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