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For Friends and Families

Cessation programs don’t only impact the lives of vapers and smokers.  Addictions of any sort affect the lives of all who love them.  If only family members could stop for them!  And if only there was an AI chip that could do it for them…  But sadly, we are only human and powerless over the choices our loved ones make.


But the good news is that many of the folks who believed they are incapable of stopping have stopped by using the Choose a Smoke/Vapefree Life Program.  My success rate is due in large part by the unique approach combined with the amount of individualized support.  Here is what two of my seemingly “hopeless” clients have to say:


I smoked, off & on, for 40 years and tried numerous ways to quit...I couldn't maintain any program I tried. THIS worked for me in FIVE DAYS!  it's been five years now & I've told numerous friends & family members about Carol's approach because it was EASY...Carol, my family, my friends & my LUNGS thank you!                          Mary C


Carol's smoking cessation program changed my life! I went from smoking 30 cigarettes per day and feeling enslaved to my addiction, to quitting successfully. I am living a full life, it is like night and day. I am more successful at work and enjoy old hobbies again. I have more time to take my kids to do all of their activities without the constant interruption of smoking. Words cannot express my gratitude!  Kristi P


I now have 2 websites to capture both vapers and smokers:


Folks can choose whether to stop in person in a class on Zoom or by a video program.  Both ways offer 90 days of Follow-up support by phone, email and a private online support group.  


Folks can book a free half hour session with me. 

Happy Spring!




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Unknown member
Mar 05

Always refreshing the educational aspects of your message. Total consistency with back up results. Between the lines so much mind, heart and soul plus work ethic dedicate saving lives from the addiction of smoking. God Bless You.

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