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Don't Know How to Stop?

Almost 70% of the approximately 45 million people hooked on tobacco through e-cigarettes or cigarettes want to stop smoking but don’t know how. They turn to all the products that promise to take away their urges and when that doesn’t happen they scratch their heads and go back to smoking. Then what? Most give up or postpone stopping because who wants to be miserable?

So all of the 70% would rather not be hooked but none know how to deal with the inevitable withdrawal. They only know how to run from it and in fact, most of the messaging around stopping tells them to replace the urges with something else, like another form of nicotine, or caffeine or sugar. But the urges don’t blow over and the weight piles on.

What’s the secret? Where is the magic solution? How does one figure it out?

What if the solution was exactly where they are not looking? Because they are powerless over nicotine they believe they need something more powerful than them to make them stop. But unfortunately we cannot make anything or anyone responsible for our own choices. Smokers and vapers don’t yet know how to make positive choices. If they did, they would!

I learned how to do this, and I would love to share the solution and the path to freedom. This training is not magic. It is concrete, smart, doable and fool-proof. If I can do it, so can you. But like anything, it works when you work it. Let me show you how. 512-758-1910

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