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December Newsletter

This is the season to be grateful and to celebrate the special people in our lives. I want to express my gratitude for all the people who asked my help to get free from nicotine this year. With each client I get to see courage, acceptance, willingness, trust, faith in the process, patience, grit, commitment, and self-love in action. Each has brought a richness and depth to my life that makes this work so worthwhile. I get to witness the miracle of recovery happen whereby each of you discovers that you have really stopped for good, and that it wasn’t the miserable experience you thought it would be. It’s beautiful walk along-side you on the path, and I appreciate your trust in me to help you take this most amazing, life-changing journey.

For those of you who are still hooked, there is still time to enroll yourself in a class to get nicotine free by the Christmas holiday. The time for making New Year’s Resolutions is fast approaching. In 2023 do you want to become a winner at this?

Go to to book a free half-hour session to see if the class is a fit for you, or call me at 512-758-1910.

Recently I received this beautiful testimonial by one of my recent clients, and with his permission, I am sharing it with you. I promise, I didn’t pay him to say these nice things!

Hello Everyone!

I’m sure everyone reading this has been impacted by Carol in one way or another but my experience with what she has taught me has really changed my life. My issue wasn’t smoking cigarettes; it had everything to do with vaping. I started vaping in college at the end of 2018 as it was the new thing that came out at the time, and with my addictive personality, it became an issue pretty quickly. When vaping came out, they almost marketed it as a healthy thing, a better solution for smoking cigarettes. I had never smoked a cigarette before because I heard all the bad things cigarettes can cause and didn’t think to correlate some of those same issues with vaping. And so, then my addiction began.

I have always been into fitness and health. Always working out, taking care of my body, and eating right. But even with my healthy lifestyle, I couldn’t shake this one thing that I was willingly doing to myself that was hurting me. After a while, I got tired of it. I had many times thrown away my vape thinking, “this is it, I’m done” and went and bought another one the next day when I had an urge. I tried to get busy and just distract myself, but then I realized I fit the vape into my busy life and that’s what would take my stress away, so that never worked. I even bought one of those containers that have a lock timer on it so I could slowly try to teach myself self-control. But looking back on all those things, I now realize I was just repressing my urges again and again.

I finally looked on google for some real help and God brought me to Carol. By trusting in her and allowing myself to be honest and vulnerable with her, I’ve learned more than I could’ve possibly asked for. The thought process and mindset she has taught me to this point has not only allowed me to be nicotine-free for close to 3 months now, but it has translated to every aspect of my life as well. I have the self-control to eat what I should and not just what I want now, I’m being the Fiancé I’ve always wanted to be. I’m able to be the friend that’s there for every moment and not taking a break to go smoke. I feel like I’ve finally taken control of my life and the direction I want it to go. God and Carol have helped me through this entire process, and I can’t express how thankful I am.

God bless.

Ness Aguilar

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