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Cold Turkey – The Big BUGABOO!

Most people cringe at the thought of quitting smoking or vaping cold turkey. I get it. Now an ex-smoker, I too tried quitting every way (8 times!) around facing the inevitable desires to smoke that accompany walking through withdrawal. If only I knew then what I know now, I wouldn’t have wasted so much time looking for an easier, softer way!

The best way to quit smoking is by doing it cold turkey, but the Choose a Smokefree Life or the Choose a Vapefree Life methods offer you concrete, no-nonsense, doable tools that facilitate the process of withdrawal without misery and without feeling deprived or angry. Skeptical? Of course, that is fine.

It only takes 48 hours for most of the nicotine to leave the body. Nicotine is the culprit that you are hooked on. It causes you to believe you can’t live happily without it. But that is a lie. Not only can you live without it, but you will also live happily, with no regret or deprivation, without it by using this program. In this five-day program you will keep smoking for the first two days while you learn about the nature of your addiction and how to overcome the pitfalls of stopping. You will quit (by your choice) on the third day, and by the end of the fifth day, you will have undergone forty-eight hours of withdrawal. The worst will be over while we walk alongside you. Then we offer ninety days of follow-up support by phone, email, and a private support group after you have stopped because it takes at least ninety days for the dendrites in your brain to create new pathways rooted in truth, not in getting a quick fix. You will stay motivated to succeed with this level of support.

If this sounds intriguing to you, give me a call, or go to my websites to book a free half-hour consultation with me. No pressure, no obligation, just the facts.


Carol Williard

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