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What Does it Mean to Choose a Smoke/Vapefree Life?

The very nature of nicotine addiction appears to contradict the notion that one has a choice. Indeed, to be addicted means one has lost the ability to choose. In essence, we are powerless! But we don’t like seeing ourselves with this deficiency, so we protect ourselves from acting by making excuses and rationalizations. It’s called denial.

So, how does one recover the choice we have lost? And how do we solve a problem we don’t want to even admit we have?

As you can see, there are many obstacles to even begin taking meaningful, positive action. “Why bother?” we throw up, not wanting to feel worse about our problem than we already do. We recoil from missing our best friend. And we know it will require effort that we cannot seem to muster. The thought of stopping already makes us feel tired. It’s called deprivation.

And then, there are those cravings that we don’t want to feel and wish we could avoid. We anticipate a big fight that we have only ever lost in the past. It’s called fearful repression.

So, apart from all that is contained in the above, we would be happy to stop!

What if there was a way around that negative merry-go-round? ‘Yea, right!” you are thinking. Past experiences tell you that can’t be true.

But here’s the thing: you were born without nicotine, and there is nothing that nicotine can offer you that going without it can’t improve. Despite your dependency that colors the false belief you must have it to survive, there is a natural, already fulfilled life available to you. Just look at all the people who don’t need nicotine and are happy.

Let me help you get back in alignment with your own nature and find the freedom of a balanced life. It’s not too good to be true. It’s called health.

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