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April Fool's Newsletter

When the nicotine hits the lungs through a good drag on a cigarette or a rip from an e-cigarette, it immediately shoots a hit to the brain, and “AAHHH.” All is well. That is what smokers and vapers live for – immediate relief from the discomfort of going without, just to get by. That is what it means to be hooked. The old vernacular uses the word “hooked” to describe being trapped by nicotine. Now the kids use “hacked” which is also a good word to convey how we became addicted. To be clear, nicotine is merely the agent of clever, if not cunning, favored manufacturers such as Juul, Puff Bar, and Altria, who have uniquely designed a way to get repeat customers, most of whom never leave until they have a health crisis or die.

According to information found on WebMD, nicotine is listed as being among the five most addictive drugs in the world. It is among heroin, cocaine, alcohol, opioids, and methamphetamines.1 but here’s the thing: it’s legal, and being so widely available, hooks more than two thirds of those who try it. There are more than one billion smokers worldwide and it will kill more than eight million annually by 2030.

Once hooked, our drug-seeking behavior overtakes all else. Our smokes come first. We organize our lives around making sure we never run out. We take a few hits before going to work, church, family gatherings, and keeping promises. Or we reward ourselves with it after completed tasks, after meals, after events, and daily routines. Smoking punctuates our lives. If this behavior sounds like you, join the club! Book a free discovery session so you can learn how to get free once and for all.

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