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Addiction Tapes


Addiction tapes are all the negative, well tread, circular self-talk scenarios you play in your head. These negative tapes actually keep you rooted in your “old ideas” - that keep you mired in your addiction. It is likely that you have played or run down these tapes in the past, and most likely, you will unconsciously run them as you go through withdrawal. Beware! This negative self-talk has but one main purpose: to get you to back to smoking. You may think these tapes help rid you of the addiction, but they are actually hanging out in the recesses of your mind to set you up to fail. By recognizing these tapes for what they are, desires to smoke, you will be able to let go of these old tapes that lead you back to smoking. The first step is to become aware of this "junkie thinking". The following is an example of the kinds of tapes we plan in our heads:


The cause of this tape is the misguided conviction that you have no choice. When you reinforce this negative conviction, you end up feeling that you are a victim, that you are trapped into not being able to smoke. You end up feeling deprived and punished. When this happens, you end up smoking to escape these negative feelings!

But the fact is, you always have a choice. You can smoke even if the choice is unthinkable; even if it kills you, even though it disappoints your loved ones, and even if you are stopping! There is no time or place on the planet where you can’t smoke. The truth is, no matter what, you can do it. It’s up to you.

This is not something to run away from. Having a choice gives you freedom rather than keeps you trapped. The truth is, there is no magic formula that will force you to stop smoking forever. But, as you learn to make positive choices, you recover your ability to be free of the addiction. You become the cause of whether or not you smoke, not the victim. You exercise responsibility for taking the choice back that you had surrendered to nicotine.

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