• Carol Williard

Most Important Action

Stopping smoking is the single most important action a person can take to improve the quality of his/her life. We are dedicated to helping smokers become free, and to restoring a balanced life. All it takes is some willingness, the right support, and the right tools.

Many of us already tried every easy way we could find. We liked shiny objects that we thought would fix us quickly. But sadly, they end up not working in the long run, and we gave up discouraged and disillusioned.

What is the permanent way? Unless and until one finds a way to come to terms with the need for nicotine itself and learns how to walk through it without resistance and a negative attitude towards the discomfort, I do not know of any other way. But I found a way to get free by doing just that. It ended up not being the miserable experience I thought it would be, like all the other eight times prior. I ended up actually feeling empowered as I walked through the experience, and I learned to make my desires to smoke my friend, not my enemy. There was no magic involved. I stopped looking for somehting or someone to rescue me.

But wow! It still blows my mind that I found a way out because I was resigned and certain I would eventually die from it. Only the truly hopeless, like me, know the depth and weight of finding a permanent solution to this problem!

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