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"I have to stop" won't get you there!

“I Have to Stop”

How many times have you told yourself that you have to stop, that you just can’t keep on smoking or vaping, that you have to go through with it? I know this is the typical self-talk I would employ to shore myself up in preparation for stopping.

What if I told you you have it all wrong? Here is what I mean:

When you repeat to yourself over and over that you won’t be able to smoke anymore, that going forward you can’t, shouldn’t, must not smoke – you end up taking your choice away. And when you approach stopping by taking your choice away, you end up feeling deprived and like a victim. Then stopping your nicotine dependency becomes a punishment, and therefore you feel irritable, trapped, restless, unhappy, wishing you could smoke, obsessing about when you can smoke, and headed right back to smoking! Why? Because if stopping is a punishment, then going back to smoking becomes the reward! We are smart rats, we know how to get the cheese! So this approach is not going to get you the lasting results you really want. And if stopping smoking amounts to feeling deprived, then why bother?

But what if you could stop without feeling deprived and irritable? What if you had a choice in the matter? What if you could be the cause of whether you smoked or not, not the victim? That’s what the Choose a Smokefree Life Program is all about. It fortifies and empowers you to make the right choices, not because you have to, but because you want to make positive choices.

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