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How Bad Does Your Smoking or Vaping Have to Get?

This is the question for Every Addict. That’s the bottom line. How bad does it have to get before your doctor tells you to stop? How bad does it have to get before your friends and loved ones begin to shun you out of frustration and despair? Before you give up on yourself entirely? Or have you already given up? Do you think you can’t stop and stay off for long?

Join the club! I didn’t either. I had tried 8 times to stop and none of those attempts amounted to a hill of beans, so I was convinced I was a hopeless case. I truly thought I would die a smoker. But I found an approach that finally made sense to me. I finally found someone who was also a recovering nicotine addict, who spoke to my needs and my addicted brain in a way that no one else did.

As an addict I did not smoke only because I liked it. I did like it sometimes, but I mostly smoked because I had to smoke, because I did not know how to live without my cigarettes. I did not know how to cope without my smokes. My need for nicotine came above all else, and it came in front of everything: before the expectations of myself and those from my loved ones, my self-esteem, my health, my schedule, my obligations, meals, even before rest. A sunset wasn’t enough by itself. I had to have a cigarette to enjoy it. It came in front of enjoying life itself. So, if you have struggled with nicotine addiction, you know what I am talking about. And if you don’t, good for you!

If you are currently struggling with nicotine, contact me for a free half-hour session on Zoom with no pressure to move forward. I can outline for you the smartest way to go about stopping in just 3 out of 5 days of class with 90 days of follow-up support. I am convinced that my 80% success rate is due to the extensive follow-up support each client receives after stopping to remain motivated. And I am quite certain that if you have tried and failed, you haven’t tried this! Call me! How bad does it have to get?

Don’t just take my word for it. Meet Alex:

“I had tried hypnotherapy, books, quitting cold turkey, the patch, Nicorette, vaping – nothing could keep me from smoking. 5 years ago I asked two long time smokers how they were able to quit, and both of them had been to see Carol, had used her method and had stayed stopped!

So I had to try it for myself. Not only did she help me quit smoking but she helped me get to a place where it was my choice. I’m 100% free from the shackles of nicotine for over 5 years now! Carol is so kind, and her method truly works. I am grateful every day not to be a smoker and I owe it to Carol! 100/100 would I

recommend, if you feel you can’t quit, this is the method that truly works!”

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