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The logo for my business is a butterfly. Currently butterflies are all around my neighborhood. It is a celebration of transformation and change. Certainly the seasons are changing, the way we live is changing daily, and our self awareness is growing. We are keenly aware of what behaviors support us and which ones do not. Butterflies are a call for shedding that which no longer serves me, for saying yes to the future self I strive to become. Its okay to say no to that which no longer is a priority. Doors opening and closing in my life.

When getting off nicotine there is a cocoon period that no one wants to go through. It is called withdrawal, and many products and programs offer you a way out of it. I know because I have tried most of them. But they didn’t work for me, and I suspect, not you either.

Transformation is an inside job. The magic you are seeking resides within you. I am not an evangelist or a minister, and I do not proffer a spiritual agenda. But I have come to understand that the miracle of finding the solution was always there, while I was looking past it. I did not know that by taking certain, practical and doable actions, that power within would be mobilized, and deliver what I was seeking. Let me show you how.

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