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"There is no thrill quite like doing something you didn’t know you could."

- Marjorie Holmes


Most programs or products offer you "magic" to eliminate your urges.  But they cannot really do this.  At best they treat the symptoms of the withdrawal and fail to help you deal with your dependency. The misguided goal of such programs is to get rid of, or to repress, your desire for nicotine.  This is impossible over time.  You simply cannot succeed at overcoming an addiction by merely avoiding it.  So you return to smoking or vaping, fearful, baffled, and discouraged that the urges didn't go away and that the experience was so miserable.


To recover from your need for nicotine, you need to comprehend the nature of addiction, be given workable tools for dealing with withdrawal with a positive attitude, and not be taught how to run from it or block it out.  You will need ongoing, support for staying off, rather than a quick-fix miracle cure.       


Choose a Smokefree Life provides a smart, original approach to stopping smoking and vaping.  It has been proven that accepting the urges, as opposed to repressing or fighting the urges, will empower you to break the cycle of addiction once and for all. You will learn how to stop without fear and without feeling deprived or irritable.  After the initial five-day program, you will  receive ongoing follow-up support to help you stay off cigarettes or e-cigarettes for good. 


The success rate of Choose a Smokefree Life (based on the percentage of   people  not smoking one year from their stop date) is an extraordinary 80% with individual clients and classes.  Amazingly, 9 out of 10 people who have succeeded with Choose a Smokefree Life had previously failed with other programs.


With this simple and grounded program clients learn:

  • how to break free, once and for all, the cycle of addiction.'

  • how to avoid gaining weight.

  • how to avoid feeling deprived and irritable.

  • how to stay off for good.


The magic of Choose a Smokefree Life is that we provide a structure whereby the miracle of recovery can happen.  We help you fulfill one of your deepest held dreams – to stay off once and for all!


•A positive attitude as you undergo the process of stopping

•Regained health and wellbeing

•Self-esteem over your ability to overcome your dependency on nicotine

•No weight gain, and the ability to maintain the same lifestyle as an ex-smoker/vaper

•The ability to take a vacation with the money saved from stopping

•A lifetime of freedom from nicotine


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